Frequently Asked Questions

The plate has a power of 175 watts.

Indeed, thus you will be able to lower its intensity and play with the light power.

The electric cable, winded around the cap, is 5 m long.

The LED are white, allowing you to have a better view on your animals. It has a lifespan of 50 000 hours (5 years).

400 lumens. They were specially designed not to cause harm to the animals’ eyes.
SUN SKOT is in compliance with EC standards.

Yes, on the top of the lamp, a high-pressure washer can be used.
However, to wash the bottom of the lamp, use a compressed air-blower or a brush.

The product is under warranty during 2 years.

In farrowing rooms, to have a radiation of 1m² flooring surface, it should be placed 50 cm high from the floor.
In post-weaning rooms, for an optimal comfort, it should be placed between 70 and 80 cm high from the floor.

An electric current powers a heating element fixed on a plate made of Mica. It’s a mineral which allows a soft and constent diffusion of the heat. This electric current associated with this mineral generate infrared long radiations. It’s the diffusion of long and short radiations that create the comfort.

There is no lightbulb nor cap. Nothing to be replaced.
It’s time-saving, money-saving and environmentally friendly ! On top of that, more comfortable to work with.

A small chain and a snap hook are supplied with the lamp.

If the lamp should fall, the legs prevent the heating plate from being in direct contact with the floor or with the animals.
Thus preventing any fire hazard.
SUN SKOT is in compliance with EC standards.

The grid prevents burning hazard (hands, animals).
SUN SKOT is in compliance with EC standards.

It was designed to create a storage space for the socket once the electric cable is winded.

Yes of course ! Placed behind the animal, the SUN SKOT heating lamp will ensure a comforting and needed heat to the piglets during their first moments of life. Its drying power will be optimum.

The product only heats beneath the lamp. It doesn’t affect the atmosphere.

Designed with a highly resistant plastic, the SUN SKOT heating lamp is perfectly adapted to atmosphere filled up with ammonia and detergents.

Easy maintenance thanks to a simple and fast cleaning.
Its sturdyness enables the lamp to remain in the pen during cleaning. Thus avoiding any additional handling and wasted time. Simple set-up, storage and use.

The infrared heating lamps are more likely to burn the animal but thanks to the SUN SKOT lamp, which releases a long and short radiation, it heats the muscle more than the skin. The heat is soft and homogeneous, bringing comfort to the animal.

The SUN SKOT heating lamp is sold in several shops within our selling network. Contact us for more information.

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