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SKOT is a young and dynamic company, created in 2018.

Our product, the SUN SKOT comfort heating lamp, can be used in pig breeding, either for post-weaning or farrowing rooms.

But it can also be used by you, handyman, handywoman, who are looking for a solution to light up your workbench while bringing a heat source.

Our lamp can also light and warm up other animals and pets such as puppies, kittens, young chickens, or hens. Why don’t you warm up the atmosphere of your henhouse thanks to our lamp?

Genuine innovation, the SUN SKOT heating lamp is a simple to use and well-designed product!

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An innovative conception for a technical and high-performance product at the service of your farm. EC certified (n° EN 60335 2 71 + A1: 2007), manufactured in France, it ensures security while increasing your farm’s performances.


The long radiation technology of the SUN SKOT heating lamp enables bringing a comfortable heating to the piglets throughout their growth in farrowing as well as after weaning.


At SKOT, we work hard to make your daily work easier. Always at your service, we do our best to bring concrete, innovative and sustainable solutions. Always at your disposal, we strive to provide concrete, innovative and sustainable solutions ans we constantly upgrade our heating lamp to satisfy your needs.

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The COMFORT heating lamp

No bulbs or caps to change, no more dismantling and difficult cleaning chores, no more burns on piglets, no more discomfort for the sow, no more frequent replacement of your lamps thanks to SUN SKOT, the comfort lamp for people and animals.

Our Benefits

Why is the SUN SKOT heat lamp right for you?

Our Benefits

Why is the SUN SKOT heat lamp right for you?
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Simple and robust product
No bulbs or caps to change
Operation identification light
Adjustable heating power
Long radiation heating plate
1m² of heated floor area 50 cm high
Economical product
Waterproof and dustproof
Longer lifespan

Comfort / Well-being

Adaptable to your existing bindings
Simple and straightforward use
Homogeneous heat distribution
Temperature control
No more burns on the piglet
Reduction of fire hazard
User comfort
Economic gain

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